Choir and musical Festival 2017

October 28, 2015

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This is a reminder regarding the choir concert night at the Auckland City Town Hall, which is next Tuesday night – 7 November 2017.

All choir students must be at school at 5.30pm and the bus will leave from school at 6pm. The concert starts at 7.30pm and finishes at around 9.30-9.45. We will arrive back at school at approximately 10.00pm or a little bit later. Please make sure to pick your child from school after the concert. If you have problems with picking up your child on the concert night, please contact the school office this week.

Dress requirement  – It is always very hot in the Town hall during the concert therefore the students are asked to wear their school black shorts or any black shorts as long as they are clean and appropriate, green school T-shirt, and black shoes with no socks or sandals. They can wear their school jumpers as far as the bus [not in the hall]. All hair must be plaited or tied to the back.

10 parents (first 10 parents to send back their reply slip to school) are welcome to travel with us on the bus. There will be a cost of $15 to $17 to enter the concert hall [for parents and non-choir members].

Thank you for your support and allowing your child to be part of Robertson Road School choir.

Veisinia Sandhu                       Vaipouli Saliga            [teachers in charge on the night]

Choir concert night arrangement

I will pick my child …………………………………………………….. from school after the choir festival.

I am travelling with the choir/I am not travelling the choir

Parent’s name …………………………………………………………..

Phone number …………………………………………….



Kia Ora and greetings to you all! My name is Veisinia Sandhu! On behalf of Robertson Road School Choir I would like to welcome the new RRS choir parents and families and thank the parents and families who have supported the Robertson choir in the past! I am the choir trainer and the teacher in charge, and I am always gratified by our students’ talents and willingness to proudly represent Robertson Road School as a choir.


Robertson Road School has been a part of the Auckland Primary school mass choir for many years where the students sang and performed in the Auckland Town Hall in front of thousands of spectators. Being a part of the Auckland Primary School mass choir has given our students awesome experiences and opportunities to sing and mingle with many students and teachers from all over Auckland. They have been trained and conducted by famous and skilled music teachers and New Zealand musicians.


The students for the choir have been selected and named. Letters, trip timetable and a permission notices have been sent home two weeks ago and most of the students have brought back their signed permission slips and a small fee of $5.00. Thank you very much.

Choir practises and preparations

The students are practising and preparing at school prior to our combine practise which we will be travelling out for it. The details of time, dates, and places for out of school practices and the concert night are posted on this site below.

Concert Night and tickets

More details and information regarding the tickets for the concert night will be posted on a closer date. A newsletter will also be sent home too.

Keep watching this space for more and latest information about the choir.


Thank you for your co-operation and support.


Choir rehearsal dates are as follows- (all rehearsals happen in school time)

Term 2: Week 5 Friday 2 June at Mt. Albert Primary

Term 3: Week 4 Friday 18 August at Mt. Albert Primary

Term 3: Week 8 Friday 15 September at New Windsor Primary

Term 4: Week 1 Friday 20 October at New Windsor Primary- Full dress rehearsal

Term 4; Monday 6 November at Auckland Town Hall- Dress rehearsal

Term 4: Tuesday 7 November 7.00pm-9.30pm at Auckland Town Hall- meet at School by 6.00pm at the latest



2014 Choir- RRS students are behind the school wearing yellow