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Peace Week

For peace week last week, Room 23 did things to celebrate peace. We were shown a video about making doves using two paper plates.  We thought it would be a catastrophe at first, but the end result turned out to be just right.  We all made one and got some twigs and leaves to put inside the beak.  As we all know, the dove symbolises peace because of what happened in the bible story of Noah and the Ark. Noah sent the dove out to look for land and it came back with a leaf. This to us symbolises peace.

We also made pin wheels for peace. On one side of the pin wheel we wrote words that came to mind when we thought of peace, and on the other side we drew images and pictures that symbolised peace for us.  For writing, we wrote peace poetry.

Ms Aseta also selected 4 Year 8 students to do research projects about people who have spread the message of peace worldwide.  These posters are currently hanging up in our classroom.

These are just some of the things that we in Room 23 have done to celebrate peace, so what will you do?

By Maxine Hala

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