Friday Celebration


Friday 2 June, 2017, was the last day for our Samoan Language week celebration. The programme was a mixture of entertainments (siva, sasa, tauloto, pese) and lauga (speech). The quality of the laugas were remarkable and the students had shown deep understanding of the topic, “MAAU I LOU OFAGA, MAUA’A I LOU FAASINOMAGA’”.

On behalf of the PoM staff and students, I would like to give a huge FA’AMALO to our principal, Mr Naidoo, DP; Mrs Edinberry and AP; Mr Sharma, the staff and the students of the Mainstream classes, for their kind support throughout our Language celebration. Giving us the opportunity to carry out our whole programme, attending our flag ceremony and our  Friday celebration is greatly appreciated. Because of your actions, the PoM teachers, students and parents feel valued and appreciated. Faafetai lava.

To our wonderful parents and Aiga,

Wow! The truth is, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support. We are so proud to have such a community that have always shown enthusiastic participation and involvement in everything we do in the school.


To the staff & students of the PoM Syndicate,

  A huge thank you to you all for the great job you have done and will still be doing in the future. You’ve done it again and again. Your hard work and the ongoing support you have given to our students and community is not going unnoticed. Keep it up, keep supporting each other and the sun will keep shining no matter what.

Thank you very much TEAM!

Thank you once again everyone. I’m sure you’re well aware, it was a great success.

Faafetai tel lava,

Seme Iosefa

Pom Syndicate leader.

Principal, Mr Naidoo, addressing the parents & the school

Principal, Mr Naidoo, addressing the parents and the school

Class items

Room 13 sasa

Room 13 sasa

Room 14 tauloto

Room 14 tauloto

Room 22 boys' item

Room 22 boys item

Room 22 Siva

Room 22 siva

Room 23 sasa

Room 23 sasa

Taualuga Tuiga Siva

Taualuga Tuiga Siva

Speech competition judge, Afioga Taupau Olofa Iona

Speech competition judge, Afioga Taupau Olofa Iona

Winners of the Lauga Competition

Rosemary Siliga Yr 5

Rosemary Siliga Year 5

Fatipule Ai'i Y5

Fatipule Ai’i Year 5

Aipupula Fretton Y 6

Aipupula Fretton Year 6

Ulutoa Ai'i Y7

Ulutoa Ai’i Year 7

Timena Moenoa Y8

Timena Moenoa Year 8

Fagaio Fagaio Yr 8

Fagaio Fagaio Year 8