Home School Partnership

Term 2 2018

Homeschool Partnership Afternoon – Focus on Writing


Reading Together Workshop- Term 1 2018

Our principal has been running the Reading Together Programme with a group of parents for term 1 2018. The programme is to help support parents with ideas to read at home with their children.


Goal setting -Student Led Conference- Term 1 -week 6 2018

We had 350 parents who had booked online to make time to visit their child’s classroom teacher to discuss their child’s learning goals for term 1 2018. The whole discussion was led by their child.Great turn out for term 1.

Meet The Teacher Evening- Term 1 week 3 2018

We were delighted to see our whanau for the first time in 2018. The purpose of the evening was for our parents to meet their child’s classroom teacher for the year 2018. We also had an opportunity to consult with our whanau about our term 2 learning ” I am an Explorer”. We have received lot of feedback from the consultation and we will use it to plan our learning for term 2.