[Korea Festival School Programme] Dosirak for NZ Kids


Dear Mr Sharma of Robertson Road School

Hello, this is Arum Jung, a cultural and public affairs officer at the Korean Consulate in Auckland.

First of all, thank you for your interest in our “Dosirak, made with love for NZ Kids” programme which will be a part of 2017 Korea Festival in Auckland.

I am pleased to tell you that the Korean Consulate will offer your students an experience with Korean lunch box, Dosirak. The allergy-friendly recipe will be developed by Michael Choi, Culinary Lecturer at AUT and two other professional Korean chefs at the reputable local restaurants. The lunch boxes will be put together every morning in the kitchen at the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, AUT by volunteers from various Korean community groups in Auckland.

After the discussion with AUT, the main sponsor of this programme, we have decided to deliver Dosirak in the first week of November from Tuesday, the 7th. And for your school, we would like to deliver 100 Dosiraks on Wednesday, 8 November between 11 am ~ 12 pm.

Dosirak (도시락) in South Korea or kwakpap (곽밥) in North Korea refers to a packed meal. It usually consists of bap (cooked rice) and several banchan (side dishes).[1][2][3] The lunch boxes, also called dosirak or dosirak-tong (dosirak case), are typically plastic or thermo-steel containers with or without compartments or tiers.[4] Dosirak is often home-made, but is also sold in train stations and convenience stores.[5][