Welcome to our school library – Te Ohonga Ake (The Awakening). The library was officially opened on May 25, 2007 by the then Principal Mr Lochie Tinkler and on behalf of the BOT by Mr Roy Murupaenga.

Mrs. Atkinson (NZLS Cert., RLIANZA) is our school librarian.

Everyone is welcome to read, study, do homework, browse, exchange books and to use the computers during school time and lunchtime.


The school library is open every day from 9 – 2.45pm. We are open during lunchtimes from 12.45 to 1.15pm.

Classroom Visits:

All classes are rostered on to visit the library for a 45 minute block every week. Students may browse, return and borrow books. They will also have a short “Library Skills” session within this block.

How many items can I borrow?

This can be dependant upon the classroom teacher. Generally the Junior School can issue 1-2 books. Years 4/5/6 can issue 2 books and year 7/8 students can borrow up to 5 books. The books are issued for 2 weeks but can be returned earlier or extended as well.

Items are issued by either your class librarian, teacher, teacher aide or Mrs Atkinson.

Mrs Atkinson returns all books.

What is in the school library?

  • Picture Books
  • Easy Reads
  • Junior Non-Fiction
  • Sophisticated Picture Books
  • Graphic Novels
  • Chapter Books
  • Easy Chapter Books
  • Non Fiction
  • Senior Fiction
  • Pasifika Collection (including books in Pasifika Languages)
  • Maori Collection (including books in Te Reo Maori)
  • Reference
  • Home school Partnership Library

If you are interested in a particular book or series, and the library does not have it, talk to Mrs Atkinson!

What can I not do in the School Library?

The library is a place for you to relax, have time out with friends, play games, finish schoolwork, do research and use the computers. No computer games are allowed during lunchtimes – you can use the ICT room for this! Noise must be kept to a moderate level.

No food or drink or chewing gum is allowed in the library. Shoes are not allowed to be worn in the library and must be put carefully on the shoe racks when you enter the library.

What if I lose/damage a book?

Please see Mrs Atkinson as soon as possible. The replacement cost of the book is the price that was paid for the book. Remember that books can be very expensive. Mrs Atkinson will send a bill home to your parents/caregivers. This can be paid off over the year.

Please remember to take all library books home in a book bag and keep them away from younger family members. And away from any food or drink or crayons/colouring pencils etc!