Student's Life

We are committed to build educationally powerful partnerships with our whanau. We have developed  new leadership positions that will enable us to work with parents and whanau, students, and teachers to strengthen our practice and accelerate outcomes for our students.

 Expected outcomes

We will build on research that shows that:

  • educationally powerful partnerships change what happens in classrooms
  • deliberately nurtured school–whānau relationships help learners achieve success
  • ongoing cycles of inquiry, focused on building partnerships, promote student learning in and outside of school.

The principle intentions are to grow relationships based on trust, build understanding, invite a two-way knowledge exchange, and encourage parents and whānau to participate actively in their child’s learning.

The objectives  include:

  • accelerated learning progress and achievement for new entrants
  • whānau and learners are well informed and equipped to contribute to accelerated learning outcomes for new entrants
  • parents and whānau are engaged in the achievement data of their children
  • parents and whānau become more influential in their children’s learning
  • teachers are more confident and capable to more effectively relate to and interact with diverse families.