Te Whare o Akonga Teachers Years 2 & 3

Mrs Webber- Room 20, Syndicate Leader

We are a straight Year 3 class. We prefer to learn through challenges.

English and Mathematics is at the core of our learning to ensure we gain essential skills, understanding and knowledge. Our learning allows us to become independent in assessing our own learning, therefore we will know what to focus on to enhance our learning.
Miss Thomas- Room10
 Welcome to Room 16’s blog. We are an energetic Year 2 class and our teacher is Miss Thomas and she teachers the Kiwis and Kakarikis from Room 16 and Room 19. Miss Margaret also works in our class and she helps us with our reading and writing.

We love working together and we are learning lots of exciting new things. Check out our blog regularly to see what we have been up to.

Mrs Chauan- Room 19

Malo e lelei and greetings to All.  Room 19 is a superb Y2 class, a mixture of cultures, languages, experiences and capabilities.  Mrs Havea is our teacher and she teaches Tuis and Piwakawakas from Room 16 and Room 19.  Miss Margaret also works in Room 19 and she helps us with our learning too.  We enjoy helping each other and learning in group activities, it’s  fun sharing with our friends.  Come visit us and join us in our journey.


Mrs Pillay – Room 21