Wednesday-Cooking with Rooms 13, 14 and 15

We neen water now!!!

We need water now

observing and helping (1)

Putting bananas in the pot

taking bananas apart from the bunch

Taking bananas apart from the bunch

more bananas in

More bananas in

boiling with the skin

Boiling in the skin

cooked bananas with the skin still on

Cooling before peeling


Skin coming off

pieces to taste

Pieces to taste

discussion time

Discussion time

green bananas (1)

Peeling the green bananas, Saka fa’i ua fofoe

cover the bananas with water

Cover the bananas





Serving time, Fai, luau, faiai, eleni

P1000598 P1000599 P1000600

Luau ulo

taro leaves (2)

Taro leaves

chopping, chopping!!!

Chopping taro leaves

chopped up taro leaves

Chopped taro leaves

chopped onions

Chopped onion

Faiga o le faiai eleni

Peeling the onions

Peeling the onions

tatala eleni

apa eleni


apa pe’epe’e

adding salt

adding salt

mash to small pieces

mash to small pieces

ready to be put in the oven

ready to be put into the oven

cook in oven

in the oven

ready to be served (1)

ready to be served

Discussions and predictions



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