Wellbeing Programme

Our Inspired Dream Speakers 2018 


Well, this was our last Inspired Dreamers for Term 2.  Today we had Seepa Ah Lam, NZ Police and Brandon Jackson, Social Worker/Youth Worker of ATWC.  They were born and breed in South Auckland and related so well with our students.  Seepa and Brandon were very impressed with the kind of questions our students were asking.  They thoroughly enjoyed their time with us and it was Seepa’s first time sharing with a school, so well done to our students for engaging so well with both our speakers.


Well Done Torea Syndicate,

I was so proud of all the students today.  The Powhiri was amazing.  Jesse wanted to share but forgot to say, the Porwhiri was his biggest highlight – to be welcomed in this way – so well done to the whole syndicate and Kona, thank you for leading the students – it was amazing!
They both said how well behaved our students are.  They were amazed at the questions, interaction and responses they received from our students – so well done Torea you left a lasting impression on Jesse and Kaveinga!
High Technology WOW…well I think we have gained new knowledge and inspiration from the “tech world” and our Inspired Dreamers within our community.  Jesse Armstrong and Kaveinga Lisati of Vaka Interactiv, have opened our students eyes to “innovation” and “creativity” and to explore and dream big!


Vaughan, Gerwyn and Sui, were very blessed to be part of the Inspired Dreamers.


Date : 25/5/18

Frances Fuamatu, Careers Development Consultant, Tertiary Education Commission
Nanai Tolovae Junior, Technical Artist, Soul Machines and Nanai Imagery