What’s happening in Fonuamalu Syndicate?



2017 Events

Team Fonuamalu events for Term 2-

School Assembly Week 6- Tongan dance.

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Fundraising Bake sale.

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Room 29 students are learning to use SOLO Taxonomy maps in their writing to do a self/peer assessment for their learning against the Literacy Learning Progressions and set their next learning steps.


As part of their Inquiry Learning Topic on CHANGE- students are looking at the chemical change. They are learning about the DNA Fingerprinting, making slime and some other interesting experiments.


For DMIC OR Pasifika Bobbie Maths, Students are learning to use different strategies and their metacognition skills to solve various problems collaboratively.

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In Term 1,  Team Fonuamalu had the pleasure of  inviting over to our school,  Renee Liang to conduct a Creative Writing Workshop with the students in our syndicate.

A Second-generation Chinese Kiwi, Renee is  a poet, playwright, fiction writer, paediatrician and medical researcher-as described by NZ Herald : Paediatrician by day, poet and playwright by night.  She is a multidisciplinary artist, having written in many genres including short and long fiction, poetry, theatre, non-fiction, blogging and arts journalism.

The  main aim of this workshop was to inspire all the students in Fonuamalu Syndicate and to show them that writing is a process and it improves with effort. It was also to enable students to succeed in a variety of writing tasks and to build on their already developing writing skills in their own classrooms. IMG_3730IMG_3723IMG_3720IMG_3725IMG_3733IMG_3728IMG_3732