structured literacy

A Structured Literacy Approach for Year 1-8


At Robertson Road School we follow a Structured Literacy approach to teaching early literacy (reading, writing and spelling) which is guided by The Science of Reading and the alphabetic principle of English.

Key components of Structured Literacy include:



These elements are not taught in silo. They interact in an effective, explicit, systematic and cumulative series of lessons supported by our chosen scope and sequence (the order in which we teach the letters and sounds). 


Effective teaching and learning is guided and supported by: 


As our learners progress and become confident readers, writers and spellers, they continue to build on this knowledge by learning about the advanced Code of English for spelling and vocabulary building. This includes more advanced letter-sound relationships, irregular spelling patterns and extending their knowledge of morphemes (units of meaning).

We believe we must build this strong foundation in order for all of our tamariki to become successful and confident learners, both within our school and beyond.