tiaki i a koe - manaakitanga
taking care of myself - taking care of others

Hope Zoo

Be a zookeeper at the Hope Zoo and help the animals with their emotions.

When you are online at school and at home you need to make sure you are using your BE attitudes.

Be (cyber)safe

Be kind

Be you

Sometimes, being around friends and your family doesn't help you out of the dark place you are in.

You've tried self care, you've tried to talk to people in your life, but nothing seems to help.

There are lots of places where you can find the support you might need.

There are places you can call, text, email or meet with someone face to face. Most of these links have online resources written by people who are experts in mental health and trauma. They can try to help you work through what is going on and work with you to make you feel safe and healthy again.

Mental and emotional wellbeing 

Being able to express your thoughts and feelings. Learning new skills and growing your mind.mindfulness, meditation, emotions, empathy, thinking, problemsolving, learning, resilience, mindset

Have you tried something new? Challenged yourself? Been creative? Written in a journal?

Physical wellbeing 

Caring for your body, its growth, development, and ability to movehealthy eating, sleeping, fitness, coordination, strength, agility, dexterity

Have you moved your body? Got some fresh air? Had a rest? Drunk some water? Had a snack?

Spritual wellbeing 

How you want to live your life. How you want to be treated and how you think others should be treated.values, beliefs, identity, self-awareness, citizenship, community

Have you had some quiet time? Reflected on your day? Meditated? Done something kind for someone else?

Social wellbeing 

family, friendships, and other relationshipsbelonging, inclusion compassion, caring, playing, celebrating, support, encouragement

Have you spent time with your friends? Talked to a grown up that you trust? Chatted online? Played a game?